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Roncador Seamount Expedition
Submerged Volcano Crater
Dive expeditiion: Roncador Seamount Exploration. April 2023

 Exploration Diving at Roncador Seamount

Explore Roncador Seamount. A submerged volcano crater

Are You Ready For An Epic Adventure?

Roncador is a Seamount and submerged volcano located 120 miles northeast of San Andres Island in the western Caribbean. It raises from the sea bed at 1000 meter to just below the surface.

I have been to Roncador a few years ago but only diving on the outside, not realizing it has a huge crater. In the navigation charts there is nothing indicating the crater. It wasn't until last year when looking at internet for documentation of diving Roncador that I came across the below satellite image, clearly showing the crater.

What I didn't find on internet was any records or documentation of anybody ever dived Roncador.


Roncador 1.png

So it is time to go back and see what we will find inside the crater.
What will we find inside the crater? 
We don't know yet. Only one way to find out. To go there and have a look.

If you want to be among the first, or maybe the very first, to explore and document this unique location join Quest on this epic expedition in April.

We will be departing from San Andres on 15th of April for a 7 day / 6 nights expedition.


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How to get to San Andres?
There are daily flights to San Andres from the Colombian cities of Cartagena, Bogota and Medellin.
There are also daily flights to San Andres from Panama City, but more costly

Although San Andres is located off the coast of Nicaragua it belongs to Colombia.
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Planned itinerary for an 7 day / 6 night expedition

Day 1: (Saturday 15 April) Departure San Andres in the afternoon

Sail over night towards Roncador


Day 2: (Sunday) Arrive Roncador by midday 

Diving Roncador


Day 3 to day 5 : Exploring Roncador


Day 6: Diving Roncador in the morning

After lunch, set sail back to San Andres


Day 7: (Friday 21 April)

Arrive San Andres in the morning

After breakfast disembark.

15 April

Roncador Dive Expedition
San Andres - San Andres
7 days / 6 nights

USD 1,940

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