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The Route

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Our sailing adventure with Quest between Cartagena and Panama will take you through the island paradise of San Blas as well as a relaxing day at sea crossing the Darien Gap

San Blas is one of the most unique island nations in the world and has been rated as number three of tropical paradises in the world by Lonely Planet.

Crossing Darien Gap with Quest

The day at sea can be spent contemplating why in the world you chose to go sailing and didn't take a flight instead........ It is not always this smooth, but at the end of the day by the time we arrive you will feel you have achieved something extraordinary. 

Panama to Cartagena

We set sail towards Cartagena from Puerto Lindo in the evening. In the morning the following day of our departure we will have arrived at our first island were we will get our passports stamped and clear out with immigration. We will visit around 3 – 5 island groups during our days in San Blas. On the third day we set sail in the evening for the passage to Cartagena, crossing the Darien Gap. This will take approximately 36 hours and you will arrive in Cartagena in the morning on day six.

Transport costs are much lower to get to Puerto Lindo, compared to joining a boat in San Blas, so our trip is easily one of the best value available as well as one of the longest running. To join Quest in Puerto Lindo you can choose to go either by organised shuttle departing from Panama City early in the morning on the day of departure. Alternative you can find your own way to Puerto Lindo, in which case you need to arrive to Puerto Lindo the day before the departure in order to attend a meeting the Captain will have at midday (day of departure).

Cartagena to Panama

On the day of departure from Cartagena we will have a morning meeting were we collect the passports. We set sail towards Puerto Lindo from Cartagena in the evening. We spend the following night, and the following day at sea - in total 36 hours, crossing the Darien Gap. We arrive in the morning on day three at our first island in San Blas. We will visit around 3 – 5 island groups. In the evening of the fifth day we sail towards Puerto Lindo, and arrive in the morning on day six. A shuttle will take you to Panama City on the day of arrival, alternatively you can choose to stay in Puerto Lindo and continue your journey on your own from there. 


- Breakfast, lunch, dinner

- Unlimited fresh water for drinking and showering


- Snorkeling gear


- Standard Immigration, Agent and Port fees

Not included

- Visas if Required 

- Guna Yala Tourist Tax 20.00 USD

- Transport to departure location (2 hours Puerto Lindo - Panama City, 25 USD per person)

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