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Join us as we sail through the island paradise of San Blas              between Cartagena and Panama

The Quest Sailboat started offering San Blas sailing trips in 2012 and has grown to be the most popular sailboat on the market.

Travelers looking for how to really maximize the San Blas sailing experience found the answer on the Quest Sailboat.
Quest have become especially popular with couples and small groups who are looking for a relaxed and comfortable sailing experience. Although Quest offers a backpacker-oriented trip, being the largest sailboat offering this trip, but taking the fewest passengers, few boats can match the comfort of the Quest. With a length of 64 feet or 19,5 meters, but only taking 10 passengers there are ample space for everyone.
On the Quest you can also have unlimited freshwater showers as it is equipped with a water maker that can produce 5000 liters a day.
In addition, Quest is the only sailboat offering this trip where the owner is also the full time captain onboard.
If you are looking to have good time, experience everything San Blas have to offer this is a great choice. However, if late night parties, heavy drinking and beach parties is what you are lookin
g for this is NOT the boat for you.

We are looking forward to share the San Blas island paradise with you.

On these trips Quest is taking 10 passengers in three private twin cabins, two singles in the saloon area, and one small double bed. 


Upcoming Trips

- 17 January
- 8 February
- 28 February
- 20 March

- 10 April
- 01 May
22 May
- 12 June
- 03 July
24 July
- 5 January
- 26 January
- 16 Feb
- 8 March
- 29 March
19 April
- 10 May
31 May
- 21 June
- 12 July
- 02 August

Cartagena - Panama

Panama - Cartagena


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