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Swim with Sperm Whales

Eastern Caribbean
Guadeloupe - Martinique - St. Lucia

After working with expedition cruising for 11 years, covering the globe from Antarctica to the Arctic with a focus on natural history and countless encounters with cetaceans around the world, the idea of offering something different came about.

There is a reason eastern Caribbean, and particular Dominica is one of the top destinations of sperm whale encounters. There are 200 resident sperm whales in the area. During February to April, migrating humpback whales can also be seen, as well as several other species of whales and dolphins. We are aiming to offer a unique experience, where you will join us in our expedition of encountering sperm whales in Guadeloupe, Martinique and St Lucia. Sperm whales have been observed from Guadeloupe all the way down to St Vincent, with the majority of observations in the northern part of the region, mainly between Guadeloupe and St Lucia. You will live aboard Quest for seven days, maximizing the time spent at sea. Our marine biologist will guide you, and inform you on these fascinating creatures. Our encounters with the whales will be with respect and careful consideration, all in accordance with community standard. On these trips Quest accommodate six passengers in three twin cabins.

All meals, unlimited water for drinking and showering, and snorkeling gear will be included. You are not required to be a scuba diver, just a sense of adventure and good swimming skills.


Our trips could look as following: 

Southbound - Guadeloupe to St Lucia

Northbound - St Lucia to Guadeloupe

After boarding Quest in Guadeloupe, we depart and spend the day in the calm waters of the island. If we have a lot of encounters we will stay until the next day, and then continue towards Martinique in search of more of our fellow marine friends we share this planet with.

During the nights we will sometimes anchor behind an island, and some nights (weather permitting) we will turn off the engine, put a hydrophone in the water, and drift under the stars while we listen to the sounds of the whales. 

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